Sunday, June 23, 2013


I was so blessed to have my mom and Kim come and visit me in Hawaii! It was so perfect. I felt like I got a mini Holiday. Good salmon dinners and being able to go to the beach - which I hadn't gone to in about 4 weeks. I was able to have good heart to hearts and really enjoyed every moment. Because I was taking the photos unfortunately I am not in any of them :( 


Thank you mom for coming, and thank you dad for letting her! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Meet Team Fiji! We are a team of 6 girls hoping to make a difference in the island. We have been making connections with different contacts in Fiji and are getting excited to go. The first 2 1/2 weeks we get to participate with the school of Circuit Riders in Lautouka, Fiji. Circuit Riders is a two week training program/conference that  creates an environment that desires to stir up people to live with a passion for Christ and to teach them how to effectively go out and share the gospel. Each day we will be participating in a lecture, a youth program, and then a worship and prayer time. Our team hopes to create a series of videos showing what the Lord is doing during this time. After the Circuit Riders we will be working with YWAM bases across Fiji. As a team we desire to bring awareness to the generational injustices within the families in Fiji. 

These are the girls I will be spending my next 3 months with.. meet team Fiji
                                  ALYSSA                                                                    MON 

                                CARLEY                                                  JILLIAN

Hey there, my name is Carley, I'm 23 years old and am from the frigid North, also known as Edmonton, AB, Canada! I love to travel, meeting new people along the way and experiencing all the different cultures in our big but very connected world. I naturally have mothering tendencies due to being the oldest child and having 3 younger siblings. My family is far from perfect, sometimes nearing on the crazy side... I've seen first hand many times at how one decision can have a huge ripple effect on the family, for both the good and bad. I want to come alongside individuals, especially within families, to show and empower them that everyone has the capabilities of being the change they want to see happen in their lives and the world around them. (top left)

I’m Jillian and I am 18 I’m a girl who’s always had her heart set on certain things, and never let go until I see them accomplished, and I usually like to see things through to the end. I grew up in Christian home, with loving parents. However we all had our ups and downs. Many times, even though they tried their best, I was hurt spiritually and emotionally, which resulted in brokenness, bitterness, and anger. But I believe Jesus can fix all that with His everlasting love and his unending grace. His mercies are new every morning and I look forward to them. I’m a daughter of my King, and a girl who wants to see His light brighten up the darkness in this world. (top right)

                                KAYLEE                                                                 AMBER

My name is Kaylee Walding I am 19 years of age and am from Houston Texas. YEEHAW! I am a young inspired Christian ready to take on the world and see what God has planned in my life. My future is not clear but I trust God has it all mapped out for me so I’m not too worried of where I’ll end up. Whatever He has planned is better than anything I could imagine, all I that I long for and that’s exciting enough for me! I love photography! I especially like photographing nature, macro shots, and people, but sunsets are the best! I love Jesus Christ, my all in all and friend! He saved me and chose me and that just blows my mind! I can’t wait to see what He will do through this team in Fiji. I expect great things to happen for sure! I desire just to see God’s greatness reveal itself to people in Fiji and myself. I want to see all kinds of miracles and breakthroughs! I also desire to leave an impact in Fiji that lasts. So be prepared Fiji! Your harvest is ripe and God has something big for you! (top left)

Amber Morris 27 years old, from Tyler, Tx.

I grew up in a Christian home with parents that loved The Lord, each other, and me and my three sisters. I realize not everyone has been so blessed to grow up in such an environment and receive the love and care that I did. My heart goes out to the lost and broken, to those that are trapped and enslaved. Jesus has met me in such a special, intimate way. He has brought freedom and peace into my life and I long to see His freedom reign in the lives of others that have been oppressed or in darkness. Galatians 5:1 has been really inspiring and compelling for me in this season and I want to see this in Fiji as well. With belief and conviction passion arises; with passion and truth things change and shift. In this shift, transformation and revival take place and freedom reigns.
Some of my favorite things are people, deep conversations, laughing, music/worship, art/painting, hugs, having my feet up, random questions, & so much more! (top right)

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More information about Circuit Riders:

Please Pray for us! 
We will be flying out of Kona on the 29th of June and returning on September 13th. I still need $2000 for outreach so please continue to be praying for finances. 
Thank you for supporting me <3
Ill keep you posted.