Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Mothers Day!

Get ready folks, Mother's Day is coming up and Petra ceramics is hosting a sale to help you find perfect gifts for your mothers. I took a few pictures to get you excited to come and shop. We advertised that the sale will include pottery and plants. **Succulents, cactus', tulips and other plants will be potted in Petra ceramics. Paired together this makes an excellent Mother's Day gift! 
 All the pottery is created by Petra ceramics 

Come and shop or just stop by and browse. We will have a fresh pot of coffee on and some treats to make shopping that much more enjoyable.

Join us on:
Saturday May 10, 2014
 10 am - 4pm
2461 Ronald Road Minesing Ontario, L0L 1Y0

for more information or other opportunities to purchase Petra ceramics please contact

all images by Joline

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Spring is here.
In Minesing spring has sprung when the farmer's fields become an extension of the Nottawasaga river. However, this year is the highest I have seen it. Once the snow melts the river floods and what was once a wheat field becomes a lake. The water, this year, covers the road making it impossible to drive on. Its amazing that this is where I live.

For Joshua and Aaron seeing this made them excited for fishing. They chatted about how awesome it would be to catch some fish and how they should have brought their waders.
For me, the excitement is knowing the snow is melting and summer is coming!