Sunday, October 6, 2013


I made it home safe and sound! I can hardly believe that today was the start of my third week back in Canada. It feels like time is just going so fast. 

I landed in the Toronto airport on the 21st of September. When I exited the plane I was welcomed by a cold gust of Canadian wind. Quite the opposite of what I had experienced the past nine months in the islands. I was home.
It was a blessing to see my family at the airport. I was not prepared for the cold and was stupidly wearing sandals and no jacket. Fortunately my dad knows me so well and had brought me one of his sweaters. 

When I reached home there was a Pinterest inspired banner welcoming me home from my family.. Along with fun palm trees that Rob and Lynda Knight had rigged up to make the transition to the cold more bearable. 

Its nice to be home. 

Along with the decorations outside, I was so blessed by my new room. While I was gone my whole family did an extreme room makeover to my old room! 

It feels like its my own home inside my home. It a space for just me and I love it.
Even my Fijian Airlines pillow fit perfectly. 

Thank you Mom, Dad and Aaron! xx

coffee dates.
bike rides.

Transitioning has had its ups and downs. I think that the strangest thing is .. my past nine months feel like a dream. Things are the same, yet different.. 

I have been so blessed by my church community. I have felt so loved and welcomed. Yes, transitioning is hard, for sure... but I have felt God carrying me through. I have good days and bad days. And if I am honest I think that I am better than I had feared. There is always a struggle to become complacent and to live in passivity. Our culture breads that. But I am asking God what he wants me to do now that I am back. I know that he has something for me here and I am excited to see how it all plays out. I never want to be stagnant in my walk with the Lord or in the things He has called me to do. 

He is good and I know that He has just used these past nine months to equip me for this next adventure in my home town! 


Thank you again to all who supported me and prayed for me while I was gone! You really have no idea how grateful I am!!