Friday, February 28, 2014


This was my early morning drive to work. 
I do not like winter.
Take me back to HAWAII.

Its back.. Tim Hortons rrrrrroll up the rim to win.
its exciting and so defeating at the same time.
when you see the words
its a terrible feeling for any Canadian.
And now there are two chances to lose. grr.

I got to spent the day with KRISTEN BUCK!
Such a blessing. 
I have missed this lady so much and It was lovely to catch up. 
She is the normal one.
I, well, am not. 

 Surprisingly today I decided to make something healthy to eat. 
Surprisingly, because I have not wanted to eat anything healthy in the last week. 
I want to eat. All the time. and my stomach craves things it shouldn't. 
So creating this meal was quite an achievement!  
And it was SO good. :)

This was a lovely delight to see. Little buds
A sight to see in the midst of all this blustery weather. 
Signs of spring are filling the Fleming house. yay!

This is my mama. She is on her way to her pottery studio. Tea in hand.

 Meet my pup - Abby-Jane. 
She just got her hair cut and she hates it. 
She gets embarrassed and usually hides away until her hair grows a little.
She has a jacket because she gets cold.
My dad hates the jacket and always takes it off when he comes home from work. 

this was my February 27th.